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Imagine having to read a jargon-filled book in a foreign language, with pages missing. That’s what navigating the healthcare system feels like for millions of people trying to choose or use their benefits, care for their loved ones or figure out how to stay or get healthy.

Think of HealthKnowledge as the CliffsNotes™ version of healthcare. We sift through the morass of technical detail to give your workers the information they need to make better decisions about their family’s healthcare and health dollars. Healthcare is hard. We make it easier.
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Consumer-Directed Health Plans

Consumer-Directed Health Plans

CDHPs are an increasingly popular type of health plan that gives you more choice—and more responsibility. If you’re offered one, understand your obligations before signing up.

Save Money Healthcare e-Shopping Save Money Healthcare e-Shopping

Save big bucks on healthcare by shopping wisely—buy medicine in bulk or generic form, understand your insurance options, check hospital and doctor treatment costs and performance, and pick the health plan that best meets your needs.

Teens: Take Control of Your Health Teens: Take Control of Your Health

Teens: Take control of your medical condition by meeting with and asking your doctor questions, becoming an expert on your condition and getting support.

Finding Insurance After a Job Loss Finding Insurance After a Job Loss

Seeking health insurance after losing your job? Act quickly to secure coverage by exploring options, including a spousal work-based plan or COBRA.

Understanding Patient Satisfaction Understanding Patient Satisfaction

Use patient satisfaction ratings to help you select the best healthcare provider and facility.

The Ins and Outs of Living Wills The Ins and Outs of Living Wills

Create a living will in order to maintain control over your quality of life and estate as well as to prevent conflict among your family and friends.

Preparing for Surgery Preparing for Surgery

Asking questions, alerting your surgeon to all medicines you take and having your doctor mark the surgery site are steps you can take for a successful operation and recovery.

Stand Up for Your Health Rights Stand Up for Your Health Rights

Your health rights include the rights to privacy, to appeal your insurer’s decisions, to continue insurance coverage after you lose it and to take unpaid leave for certain emergencies. Do you know how to secure these rights?

COBRA: Understanding Your Rights COBRA: Understanding Your Rights

While pricey, COBRA can be a stopgap to continue your health insurance when a layoff or unpleasant event strikes, and help protect your health and financial future.

Communication Is Key to Better Care Communication Is Key to Better Care

Avoid a communication breakdown with your doctor. Bring a list of questions, your current medicines and test results to your doctor’s office to ensure you get all of the information you need to protect your health.

Finding Tax-Free Healthcare Finding Tax-Free Healthcare

You CAN get tax-free healthcare, saving you a lot of money, if you know where to look.